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Every year 1,300 children, teens and young adults up to the age of 24 die in Israel from illness or other tragic circumstances – civilian bereavement,

and leave behind devastated parents, siblings and family members.
Families have nowhere to turn for emotional support and feel very alone.
The vast majority have had no prior contact with social services and therefore have no immediate access to the support they so urgently need.

Yakir Li is the first organization to speak openly about civilian bereavement, a concept that is mostly absent from Israeli public discourse.
Thousands of families who have lost children under circumstances unconnected to military service or terrorist attacks, remain alone with their insufferable pain.
Yakir Li is here to ensure the families are not alone.

Primary areas of activity:
1. The Eighth Day
Yakir Li’s flagship initiative is "The Eighth Day", a project operated in partnership with municipal and community organizations. In each area, Yakir Li recruits and trains a team of volunteers who are on standby  24/6, to support families who suffer the tragic death of a child.

2. Public awareness and legislation:
Visibility is key to gaining broad public support for bereaved families. Yakir Li works to raise awareness and introduce legislation that will ensure the rights to which they are eligible. 

3. Civilian Bereavement Awareness Week:
Once a year, Yakir Li arranges an annual civilian bereavement Week, marked in synagogues and communities throughout Israel. We hope that this symbolic space will encourage greater awareness and support for bereaved families.


How did it all begin?
Yakir Li was founded in 2015 by a group of people, some of whom lost their loved ones to an illness or other tragic loss.

The founder of the association is Pini, father of Dasi Rabinowitz, who passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer. Dasi inspired all those around her with her courage. She brought about a revolution in doctor-patient relations and left as her legacy a sense of justice and hope for change in the attitude of the medical establishment in Israel.
Owing to circumstances, Pini got to know dozens of families that have lost children to illness. Many struggle to return to daily routine and functioning as a result of problems they face in the wake of their ordeal. Pini found that the greatest difficulty is experienced after the end of the ‘shiva’ period, when the family must start picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. In response to this need, and on the basis of Pinis own experience Yakir li organization was founded.

Aim of the organization

The process of getting back to daily routine is extremely complex, and requires emotional, social, and sometimes also financial support. The organization aims to make the relevant information and assistance available to parents and siblings who have suffered civilian bereavement.

Spheres of activity

In order to provide the right response for bereaved families, we have identified the needs, in full cooperation with the professionals trained and experienced in working with this population. The organization provides personalized assistance and guidance on the individual and family level, as well as financial support where necessary. We work to advance legislation that will anchor in Israeli law the recognition of the difficulties faced by families that have suffered the loss of loved ones in a civilian context, and facilitate the relevant assistance. The organization maintains contact with therapists, support centers, and a range of service providers, and strives to provide families with the relevant information so they can obtain the help that they need. Needless to say, all inquiries and contact are treated with full confidentiality.

You’re not alone!

Yakirli organization has accumulated experience and has helped many bereaved families to cope with their loss. We are there for you, by your side.
Please contact us to ask whatever questions you may have, to share thoughts, or for any other need. We continue to advance our aims, and update our website with new developments.
You may contact us in any of the following ways:
[email protected] | 058-7542929 

Help us to ensure families are not alone!

For a secure credit card donation:

Bank transfer:
Mizrachi Bank, Bank nu. 20, Branch nu. 454, Account nu. 300030541

Posting a check by mail:
Send a check earmarked for Yakir Li: to Central Fund of Israel, 461 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516


Click here to view an information about The Eight day project  >>

Click here to view an information booklet and English assistance >>

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